Destination Jerusalem Destination Jerusalem

Destination Jerusalem

Isis, convert or die, Christian persecution, and preparing for the days ahead

Chris Mitchell, author and host of CBN’s Jerusalem Dateline, has now written Destination Jerusalem, a frontline account of Iraqi Christians under ISIS persecution. Here are a few passages from the book.

Some world leaders wonder if we’re in the midst of World War III.

One senior US official stat, “I think we are living through one of these historic, defining times. I think we are seeing a new world order.” The crises shake the peoples of the region, yet the leaders of the nations seem ill prepared to address the escalating chaos. Given this seemingly apocalyptic scenario unfolding in the Middle East and signs in the sky like blood moons, many wonder if, indeed, the en times have become our times.

“Iraq is a land thirsty for blood.”  Iraqi Pastor

Here, on the front lines between ISIS and Kurdish Iraq, the stunning blitzkrieg in the summer of 2014 had left hundreds of thousands of broken lives in its wake.

“The camp is 15 minutes from ISIS,” is our guide Pastor Majeed’s bone-chilling report.

We knew we were close. We didn’t know how close. ISIS’s reputation preceded them: the most brutal and barbaric of today’s jihadist organizations. Their demonic bravado has astonished the world.

These kids’ lives have been branded by war.

Three young girls you’d probably call “tweens” in the United States asked us for some cream for their cracked lips. They tell Majeed they like the camps because if they go back, ISIS will kill them. It hits me that these young girls aren’t experiencing the kind of life a young “tween” in the US would. No Facebook and Twitter for them. These girls are happy to be alive, even in a UN refugee camp.


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  • “Few Americans are more in tune with the workings and politics and Biblical impact of Jerusalem than Chris Mitchell. Not only does he write intellectually, but from the heart as well. “

    Tony Foglio

  • “Destination Jerusalem is the most up to date report on the Middle East that I have been able to read. It is so easy to understand, makes all the names being tossed around very clear and give us an unbiased report of the very real dangers of world domination and nuclear war for us in the US. I strongly recommend this front-line account of the threats that are about to explode in our faces. “

    Sharon L. Gilbert

  • “This book speaks from fact and first hand information. In this day in America- truth is in short supply. Hope in not in the work of our hands_ but in the love of our Creator God.”

    Terry R Mosier