Destination Jerusalem Destination Jerusalem

Destination Jerusalem

Isis, convert or die, Christian persecution, and preparing for the days ahead

The New Normal

Today's Paris terror attack is part of the new normal plaguing our civilization. It's designed to sow fear and wipe out our freedoms, especially freedom of the press. Here's a portion of Destination Jerusalem, a new book by this reporter to be released later this month. It addresses how these attacks are penetrating our daily… Read More

Seven Minutes

Paramedic Haim Gartner – one of the first on the scene – described what he saw. “We go inside. We see people are just lying down with this Jewish … tallit [prayer shawl] covered with blood. Part of them I’m wasn’t sure if they were shot or just cut up, I mean stabbed,” Gartner recalled… Read More

Before Being Killed, the Children Told ISIS: “No, We Love Yeshua.”

Few people understand or have seen the persecution of Christians in the Middle East like Canon Andrew White, who has been in the eye of the storm. White oversees St. George's Church in Baghdad. His ministry, The Foundation for the Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East offers comfort and humanitarian supplies to many of… Read More